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Residents in Canonsburg are on high alert, after an American bulldog named Zeus attacked two dogs in a roughly six-month period near its home.

The first attack, in February, resulted in a greyhound named Gracie going missing for nearly two weeks after slipping her harness to get away from the bulldog. Following the first attack, Zeus’ owners were required to erect a fence on their property to contain the dog and prevent future incidents.

Alas, the fence did not work – the most recent attack took place the evening of Aug. 2 and involved a dachshund named Sutton, who suffered an abdomen puncture, lacerated liver and muscular damage. These injuries required surgery and about $5,000 in veterinarian bills.

In both instances, the victims were being walked on leashes, whereas Zeus had gotten out of his yard. His owner, Sean Kenavey, claimed that in the most recent incident, workers repairing a latch removed the gate without him knowing, allowing the dog to slip out – chain in tow.

It is an unacceptable excuse, and Kenavey must take accountability.

Area residents attended the Aug. 5 Canonsburg Borough Council meeting in masses, voicing their concerns about the dog.

It goes without saying that owners need to be responsible for their animals, regardless of size, breed or temperament. Dogs must be on leashes, or confined to their yards either with a fence or chain that they cannot escape from.

Area animal control officer Kym Secreet has filed charges under the state confinement law, and feels that it is likely that Zeus will be designated as a nuisance under the state’s dangerous dog law. The Pennsylvania Dog Law Enforcement Office is also investigating the most recent attack.

With the current situation, two times is two times too many. It was reported that Kenavey has asked the nonprofit American Bulldog Society to take and rehabilitate Zeus.

We have no problem with that – in fact, that would be the best possible solution. Residents and animals in the neighborhood would be safe, Zeus would not be euthanized, and hopefully, continue with a good quality of life.

But the bottom line is that something needs to be done to remove the dog from the neighborhood.

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