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Peters Township resident Marylu Zuk is now a published author with the recent release of her book “Whose A&& Is That?” Yes, the && are substituted for SS. And, yes, the book deals with a woman’s perspective of her derriere.

When describing the 51-page book, Zuk said “the title may sound saucy, but there is nothing vulgar.”

She had the title before she wrote the text and that came from a time she was trying on a pair of jeans and took a look at her tush in a mirror. That’s when she proclaimed aloud, “Whose ass is that?”

A few years later, the book became a reality.

“I am very happy with the outcome,” she said. “It’s clever and adorable.”

And it’s funny. Written in poetry form, the book is classified as a storybook for women. Zuk said many who have purchased the book do so for friends, as Mothers’ Day gifts or for other events that appeal mainly to women.

She’s lived in Peters Township with her husband and son for 10 years and once worked for America West airlines in Arizona after completing college. The native of Beaver Falls also worked for the Pittsburgh Technical Institute. Currently, she works as a management consultant and in education research. Her business card lists author, humorous speaker and sales optimist.

She successfully managed the maze of publishers and managers to reach her goal to produce “Whose A&& Is That?” The book is published by The Artists’ Orchard, which lists a post office box in Upper St. Clair.

The illustrator, Traycee Bosle, lives in the South Hills. The two met through networking and Bosle is the sister-in-law of a friend.

Zuk has always loved to write poems but found many publishers do not accept books of poetry. She laughingly refers to her book as Dr. Seuss meets Erma Bombeck, and says the book is “more about body image and how you accept yourself.”

Men also have hang-ups about their bodies, but perhaps not as critical as women.

“Men are more subtle, but I believe the pressure of the media makes it harder for woman,” Zuk said.

She’s been thinking about her next topic, but nothing is finalized. How can you top a book about the butt? Asked to summarize the book, Zuk rattled off a verse, “Don’t be defined by the size of your behind.”

The book is available online at, and is for sale at MoZaic Boutique in Bridgeville.

“I am so excited to be able to support another local entrepreneur who is following her dream,” said MoZaic Boutique owner Nancy Gilmore.

The softback price is $14, hardback cost is $26 and it is available on Kindle for $5.99.

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