South Fayette in the wrong in bully case

Children, teenagers, even adults, can be cruel. This is not new information. Bullying has been going on for ages, but lately, perhaps with the advent of the Internet and social media, a new light is being shed on its serious, serious consequences. According to the website bullyingstatistics.org,...

Franklin Regional incident hits too close to home

L ast week, the all too familiar news of school violence hit close to home when 16-year old Alex Hribal allegedly went on a stabbing spree at Franklin Regional High School in Murrysville. The incident proves that no high school, no neighborhood, no one is immune to the senseless violence that is...

Rocco’s Law great example of government seeing past party lines

When Pittsburgh Police canine officer Rocco died after suffering stab wounds in the line of duty in late January, area government officials were quick to draw up “Rocco’s Law,” a proposed bill that would amend Pennsylvania’s Dog Law to increase penalties for the...

Time and place for texting

Many conveniences came with the advent of the text message – the ability to convey a quick message without actually having to take the time to, for example, dial a number, let the phone ring, wait for the other person to answer, exchange hellos, say the call’s intended purpose:...


Mt. Lebanon signals need to be upgraded

In an ever-continuing effort to protect Mt. Lebanon’s most precious assets, our children, I have proposed that the electronic school signals be upgraded to enable them to operate correctly.

The failure of international baccalaureate evidence

The scores are in. The Upper St. Clair “International School,” hijacked by the International Baccalaureate Organization a few years ago, ranked 57th in the Region for fourth grade on the most recent PSSA testing, and far, far lower state-wide. In case anyone wonders whether this is...

USC residents get a lot for their tax dollars

In his long-winded diatribe of April 9 (USC taxes too high), Oren Spiegler is mystified as to why USC’s township tax is higher than that of Pine Township.

Concussions a real danger on artificial turf

I have read with interest the debate regarding laying turf on the recreation fields in Mt. Lebanon. Besides the obvious cost involved and the potential adverse effects to the surrounding areas by the impact from decreasing the amount of permeable surface for storm water runoff – which, by...

Recovery is the only antidote to the drug issue

As a qualifier with an addicted loved one, I would much rather have my addict have a chance for recovery than going to their funeral. No one knows what the addict’s bottom will be that leads to their recovery.

USC level of taxation too high

Those who have lived in Upper St. Clair for a long time may not recognize how the community compares to others in its level of taxation of our incomes and properties. A thorough examination leads to the conclusion that our residents have been overburdened for years.

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