Point-Counterpoint on 20-man bracket

Got this e-mail upset over my negative comments on the 20-man bracket, so I thought I would do a point-counterpoint. Feel free to add your opinions.

You are so wrong in so many ways.... It is obvious you have never laced up a pair of wrestling shoes. How dare you question who remembers a 6th place finisher! I'm sure that the wrestler, his family, his friends, and his school certainly remember. If you actually followed the sport (outside of Washington and Greene County...South Fayette for some reason too) and didn't hitch your wagon to certain local stars, you would see that adding extra wrestlers will increase the chances for our local boys to bring home state medals and in no way water down the state competition. Would you say Dom Forys from NA had no shot at placing in the PIAA and his presence at PIAA's would detract from the event? Your solution ...make the state tournament smaller??? Really Joe, really? The wrestling community needs to be constantly evolving and testing itself all of the time. Right now is the perfect time to try something new! Let's get more kids a chance to make it to Hershey which means more schools have a chance to make it as well. Wouldn't it be great to see Carlynton, Baldwin or Knoch have kids going to Hershey? Who knows, maybe a little kid in one of those programs sees the success and wants to repeat it? Further more the population of PA is on a continual incline and has been for quite awhile. So let's reduce the size of the state tourney... I'm still floored by that! I will agree that having all of the metal rounds compete at once is an experiment gone horribly wrong but at least the PIAA tried to make it their place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who have tasted neither victory nor defeat.

My reply:
First, let's deal with the Forys issue. While I agree he did not get a fair shake because of the weight class, Forys was not going to finish any higher than fourth if you take into account he couldn't beat the three people in front of him in the district. You can't replay the tournament. You get one shot so you better beat the guy in front of you.

I am not going to belittle the accomplishment of winning a medal at the state tournament. The point I am trying to make is that the state tournament is there to decide champions. Like former NFL coach Herman Edwards said, "You play to win the game." Adding more wrestlers might certainly mean more medals, but it's the gold one that carries the most meaning.

If the accumulation of medals is how you base success in the tournament, then what would be better? Bringing seven wrestlers from the district who win state titles or having a dozen medalists from second to eighth? That's an easy answer. A smaller tournament makes for more interest in my opinion. If the consolation rounds are so exciting to fans, why are the least attended parts of the state tournament?

I agree with Herm. You play to win the game. That's why we watch.

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