BP Board Out of Control

Published Mar 6, 2013 at 11:07 am (Updated Mar 6, 2013 at 11:07 am)

As month after month goes by, I read and hear story after story of how the Bethel Park School Board continues to erode this once great community.

While the new high school is a crowning achievement, I can’t help but wonder, at what cost? Apparently at ALL COST.

Ever since the doors of that school opened, all that comes from the school board is cut cost.

I wonder every day, did they fall for the “age old” car salesman’s question, “Tell me what you want your payment to be?” Were they in the market for a reliable family sedan and seduced into buying the shiny Corvette?

Oh sure, it looks great sitting in the garage, but when the little boy asks Dad to take it out for a spin, the answer is always, “Sorry son, I can’t afford the gas.” Case in point, it’s now three years since the fine educators have been given a contract. Great school, too bad you won’t put the necessary resources into play to make it run. It’s not the educators who are unwilling to negotiate, it’s this board and their excuses month after month.

When the wife asks to take the ’Vette out to dinner, the response is always, “Sorry honey, can’t afford the insurance.” Case in point, our fine board now want’s to put our most valuable resource, THE CHILDREN, in the hands of a third party vendor to transport them back and forth to school. Do we really want our kids riding in vehicles that who knows when they were maintained, or being driven by people we know nothing about?

But boy that ’Vette looks great in the garage.

Our fine board just recently pushed (I stress the word pushed) through the motion that physical education is now an elective in order to cut the required number of credits (and costs). So in a time when childhood diabetes is at an all time high, and kids would rather sit and play video games all day, they cut the one possible opportunity for physical activity out of the curriculum..

Again, that car looks great in the garage.

If this board is looking to leave a legacy, they are well on their way. Unfortunately for this community, that legacy is deception, destruction, and dissension. We are well on our way to becoming a below average community where educators nor families will want to move.

But hey, at least that Corvette looks great in the garage!

I urge the fine residents and parents to start attending school board meetings. See what these folks are up to. Let them know you’d like to take the car for a ride with the resources required to make it run correctly. It won’t be long before this community won’t be able to recover from their actions.

Jay Notra

Bethel Park

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