Mt. Lebanon allows skateboarding

Published Mar 18, 2013 at 2:32 pm (Updated Mar 18, 2013 at 2:32 pm)

Skateboarders in Mt. Lebanon will now be able to thrash and shred on the municipality’s streets without fear of attracting the attention of police. At the March 12 commission meeting, commissioners unanimously voted to remove the provision from the Mt. Lebanon code that prohibits skateboarding, coasters, skates or similar devices upon any Mt. Lebanon street.

The issue was discussed at the commissioner’s Feb. 12 meeting, and a public hearing for the new ordinance was held at the commission’s Feb. 25 meeting.

The new ordinance was originally intended to remove skateboards, coasters, skates or similar devices, as well as allow motorized scooters to be ridden on municipality sidewalks. But motorized scooters are still prohibited as commissioner Dave Brumfield asked for an amendment to the ordinance keeping motorized scooters prohibited on sidewalks after talking with Mt. Lebanon Police Chief Coleman McDonough.

“Motorized scooters still have some speed to them,” Brumfield said.

Skateboarding will be prohibited in parking garages, and school properties can enforce their own skateboarding policies.

Mt. Lebanon was considered as the location for Pitcher Park Memorial Skatepark last year, but the park is now being built in Carnegie.

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