Letter contained false propaganda

Published Apr 3, 2013 at 10:35 am (Updated Apr 3, 2013 at 10:35 am)

This is a response to the letter penned by Callie Munch, titled “Ban Assault Weapons,” which appeared in the March 27 edition of The Almanac. Ms. Munch’s letter is the latest example of how hysteria can cloud reality.

Munch claims to know that those who own full or semi-automatic rifles “plan on committing a mass murder.” Contemporary estimates indicate that Americans own 60 million “assault style weapons.” Does anyone believe that 60 million people are planning such an atrocity! Munch further states that if an individual wants to own a gun, “an assault rifle should not be an option.” Why not, I ask? Is it because Munch “feels” I shouldn’t?

The AR-15 “assault rifle” is one of the most popular target rifles used today. It is also widely used in hunting, as well as self defense. Millions of them are owned by peaceful Americans. Munch draws further support for her position be decrying the word “assault in the name.” Perhaps we should follow her lead by banning Devil’s food cake, because it uses the word devil! No common sense here.

The gun control issue is nothing more than an attempt to deflect criticism from a President’s set of failing policies. Munch, spreading her false propaganda, is nothing more than an example of what Stalin called “a useful idiot.”

Lastly, and to set the record straight, the Sandy Hook School shootings did not, as has been previously reported, involve a Bushmaster assault rifle. In fact, Adam Lanza used four handguns.

Ms. Munch, I think it is incumbent upon you to separate fact from emotionally driven hysteria. Check your facts before you speak.

Ron Boocks


Letter contained false propaganda

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