Former chief Pushak deserves recognition for service

Published Apr 10, 2013 at 8:51 am (Updated Apr 10, 2013 at 8:51 am)

After reading the news articles and watching the news stories focused on the retirement of Cecil Township Police Chief John Pushak, I am struck most by the negativity they channeled.

Let’s review the facts: Chief Pushak served Cecil Township for nearly 40 years. After a long, distinguished service, this community should be honoring his loyalty. In fact, we should applaud because rather than just fade away�and keep his head down, the chief himself pointed out the initial account discrepancy.

Having put up the initial red flag, it appears he was put on administrative leave due not to misdeeds, but rather because he called attention to an issue. A lengthy audit (with which he was fully cooperative) proved no funds were missing, and any error was purely a procedural mishap.�

A careful reader can discern that this situation was likely inflamed by the investigation of former Pittsburgh Police Chief Nate Harper. This sort of media contagion can often have long-lasting, negative impacts.

And yet, many positive impacts can be traced to the chief’s service. Shawn Bukovinsky will no doubt be a terrific new chief, in part because Chief Pushak mentored him. I, too, received his guidance as his stepdaughter. I know, as so many do, that he is an extraordinarily honest and moral man. His guidance has helped so many (including me, as I am today the CEO of a non-profit dedicated to lifting low-income kids out of poverty).

Let’s take the time to thank Chief Pushak for his dedication to a career of service. It would be a shame to let one misunderstanding cloud a four-decade career of distinguished service.

Bridget Durkan Laird

Mount Pleasant, S.C.

Pushak deserves recognition for service

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