Scott lowers millage rate

Published Jun 14, 2013 at 4:26 pm (Updated Jun 14, 2013 at 4:26 pm)

In a unanimous vote, Scott Township commissioners have decided to set the township’s 2013 millage rate at 4.33 mills. The action came at the board’s June 11 agenda meeting. While typically not a voting meeting, the board took action at their regular May meeting to allow the board to vote on the issue.

Prior to the vote, board president Tom Castello said that based on county assessments, the 2013 assessed value of property in Scott Township was approximately $1.1 billion, up from the 2012 assessed value of almost $790 million. Castello said that 250 properties in Scott were appealing their assessments.

When setting the new millage rate, Castello said they went with the expectation that the township would lose all of the appeals, which would reduce the 2013 assessed value by approximately $55 million, to approximately $956 million.

“It’s all guesswork with the appeals,” Castello said.

Using the $956 million dollar figure, and allowing for the five percent increase in revenues due to the reassessment, Castello recommended setting the millage at 4.33, with 4.2659144 going to the township, and 0.0640856 being allocated to the Scott Township Public Library. Castello said a millage level of 4.1 mills would maintain the township’s current revenue level.

Commissioner Bill Wells questioned the decision to expect that the township would lose all the appeals.

“We can’t lose all the appeals,” he said, adding that if any of the properties being appealed have an increase in assessed value, the township would be giving money back.

Commissioner Craig Stephens commented that the vast numbers of residential appeals are getting reduced. “There are big cuts across the board,” Stephens said.

Commissioner Don Giudici asked if there would be adjustments once all the assessments were completed. Castello indicated the millage rate would be reviewed when final assessment figures were available.

In other business, Scott Township will be showing the movie “Brave” for the “Movie in the Park” on June 22 at dusk, approximately 8:45 p.m., at Scott Park.

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