Winterization costs rise to $225,000 for Lebo renovation

Published Jun 18, 2013 at 9:04 am (Updated Jun 18, 2013 at 9:04 am)

The Mt. Lebanon school board approved a $150,000 change order related to winterization costs for its high school renovation project at the June 17 meeting. Contractors required additional winterization after unexpected delays pushed a significant amount of work to winter months.

Unforeseen soil conditions and utility conflicts all contributed to the delay, including the accidental strike of a 5KV power line.

Board president Elaine Cappucci said the total cost of includes an earlier change order for $75,000, bringing the total to $225,000.

“Any time you are doing renovations you will run into unforeseen conditions,” board member Jo Posti said. “It’s just the nature of old buildings, old drawings – there are things you just cannot anticipate until you start digging around.” She added that the construction manager and contractors resolve many issues without them ever coming to the board.

School superintendent Dr. Tim Steinhauer explained that the winterization change orders had come down from a much higher figure. “The total requests were about double,” he said. “Through discussion and negotiation we feel we have reached a fair and equitable solution.”

Dr. Steinhauer went on to say the administration and construction team continue to work on credits related to the project. He said they hope to bring a sizable credit before the board in July.

“In every project there is a process of give and take,” he concluded.

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