Please keep your dog on a leash

Published Jun 19, 2013 at 6:55 am (Updated Jun 14, 2013 at 4:53 pm)

My first dog, Rosie, loved to run. I, like many of you, let her off the leash in the park. She loved people and other dogs and it was great to watch her run and jump and chase the critters. One day, she jumped in the lake to see another dog. That dog was scared and bit Rosie so many times that she had to get 39 stitches and wore a cone for a month. After that, Rosie was never the same. She walked with a limp, was afraid of everyone and lost her zest for life. After awhile she couldn’t walk at all and we had to put her down. I have a new dog now – he is scared of dogs and barks and jumps. I have him harnessed so he can’t go anywhere. Every day in the park at Peters, I see dogs running without leashes. If your dog comes to my dog, he may get defensive, then I get scared. I love to walk my dog, but I know not to walk him on the trails, so we walk the road or fields or parking lots so as not to see other dogs. Your dog may be in that same field and you think you can control him, but he is still a animal. I have come up on the top of hill by the playground and there are loose dogs with children. How are you going to get your dog and leave your child? Today someone was walking with a puppy down the main road without a leash – cars don’t always see dogs and don’t always obey the speed limit. Dogs don’t care if they run or not, they just want to walk with you. I have a longer leash so he still can explore safely. There are dog parks around if you want to let them go or at least do it in a fenced in area. I should be able to walk my dog without fear, and your dog will be safe by your side. Love your dog enough to keep him safe.

Jeanne Glanville


Please keep your dog on a leash

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