Peters school board needs to pull together

Published Jun 19, 2013 at 5:04 am (Updated Jun 13, 2013 at 4:48 pm)

It was with utter dismay that I read the highlights of the latest PTHS school board meeting. We should be celebrating the hire of a new, highly regarded superintendent and be looking forward to the positive changes and energy that Dr. French will bring to our district. Instead we are embroiled, once again, in an extracurricular appointment that seems to have attracted more involvement of the school board than necessary. In addition, our board has become so contentious among themselves that the code of professionalism and duty has been lost in verbal shouting matches.

For those board members who will continue on with another term – please drop any personal agendas, place your focus back on the district and contribute towards positive group input that you can be proud of. For members whose terms will end this year, please leave with grace and be gratified with your accomplishments as a board member. How you exit will be how you are remembered.

Welcome Dr. French! You are inheriting a host of problems, but you are also stepping into a vibrant school district with so very much to offer. May you be the strong leader that we so desperately need to bring our educational system back to the greatness it once represented.

Laura Norton


Peters school board needs to pull together

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