Scott Conservancy receives $15,000 grant

Published Jun 27, 2013 at 4:19 pm (Updated Jun 27, 2013 at 4:19 pm)

The Scott Conservancy recently received a $15,000 grant from Laurel Foundation. According to Scott Conservancy treasurer Jane Sorcan, the money will enable to conservancy to better serve Scott Township and neighboring communities.

Sorcan said part of the money will go toward “much needed” office equipment, including a laser printer, which should help reduce the organization’s costs for printing newsletters and other correspondence.

While addressing some of the administrative needs will help strengthen the organization, the bulk of the funding will be used to make needed improvements to the Kane Wood Nature Area, so the trails can be enjoyed by more people, including those with physical disabilities.

Funds are designated to address erosion and drainage issues along the trails. A small bridge is planned for placement across the stream along Tom the Tinker Trail to make it handicapped accessible. Sorcan said adding the bridge will open up new areas for those with physical limitations, allowing them to enjoy the tranquil setting.

Near the Jewish Community Center, Neville’s Trace Trail will be graded, compacted and edge restraints will be put in place, which Sorcan said will make walking easier.

Sorcan said that Laurel Foundation has been a great supporter of the Scott Conservancy and was instrumental in the original purchase of the Kane Woods Nature Area property.

“With their support, we were able to make many of the improvements that opened the area up for community use,” said Sorcan. “The Scott Conservancy appreciates and thanks Laurel Foundation for all the help they have provided.”

Since inception in 1951, Laurel Foundation has concentrated its grant making in Pittsburgh and Southwestern Pennsylvania, focusing on programs that offer long-term benefits for participants and the community, and that foster individual responsibility and self-sufficiency, exhibit a commitment to sound fiscal and program management, implement collaborative efforts and demonstrate measurable outcomes.

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