3v3 Live makes Peters Soccer Complex a regional hub

Published Jul 8, 2013 at 10:53 am (Updated Jul 8, 2013 at 10:53 am)

In the heart of Peters Township there is a very special place that is about to receive some national accolades. It’s called PSC, Peters Soccer Complex, and is situated at the crest of Peterswood Park. On July 13, the facility will host the local qualifier for the 3v3 Live Soccer Tour Tournament – this is first step in the road for the Disney 3v3 Soccer Championships at ESPN World of Sports Complex in Orlando, Fla., in January 2014. Even more impressive, 3v3 Live has selected PSC as the location for the Pittsburgh Championships/Regional Qualifier on July 27.

3v3 Live hosts these tournaments in almost every state in the country. “We find all skill levels really enjoy this event as a way to hone their soccer skills over the summer,” said Denise Shoemaker of 3v3 Live. “We already have over 70 teams that are signed up and expect that number to continue growing as the word spreads to the South Hills soccer community that 3v3 Live is in town.”

Because of the fact that 3v3 Live permits for ages U6 to adult, as well as coed teams, there are some very unique options for play. Shoemaker has even seen a team of adults allow their children to “coach” a team. This kind of flexibility adds a unique element of fun that makes the experience memorable to participants and spectators alike.

Peters Soccer Complex was chosen for the Regional Event due to the extensive renovations that have taken place since last summer, which included the installation of more than eight acres of turf and a lighting system. The enhancements included permanent lining for four U8 Fields, two U10 Fields and one U11/U12 Field. Additionally, the turf permits for special lining for other field configurations. “This type of facility made PSC an ideal location for 3v3 Live to expand our footprint to Pittsburgh’s South Hills.”

The PSC project was supported by the PTSA (Peters Township Soccer Association), which pledged more than $250,000 towards the upgrades. “Our board felt like this was an amazing opportunity that the township presented us with to enhance our primary soccer facility to a national caliber,” said PTSA President Jim Massucci. “The turf and lights have all but eliminated field closures and increased the speed of the game. Overall, these upgrades have been a big success in the soccer community. We expect that this will only increase our ability to expose more kids to the great sport of soccer and help to keep Peters Township producing some great soccer talent.

“We are very excited to partner with 3v3 Live in both the Local and Regional events that we are hosting,” Massucci continued. “The Peters Township Soccer Association would like to extend an invitation to all readers of The Almanac to join in the fun and to come see for yourself what an amazing place the Peters Soccer Complex has become. If you did not get a chance to sign up this year, make sure to make plans for 2014 as we plan to make our relationship with 3v3 Live an annual event.”

All age groups are welcome to play from U6 to adult. Coed teams are welcome, but subject to special rules. To follow the action and to see the results of Saturday’s matches, visit the 3v3 Live website at www.3v3live.com.

Editor’s note: C. Shannon Barry is on the board of directors of the Peters Township Soccer Association.

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