SF Intermediate School experiencing delays in progress

Published Jul 19, 2013 at 12:03 pm (Updated Jul 19, 2013 at 12:03 pm)

While the open house for the South Fayette School District’s new intermediate school building is not scheduled until Aug. 10, the district was told the building would be substantially complete by July 22. That is the date that occupancy permits should be issued by, according to Joe Brennan of construction management firm P.J. Dick.

However, the district and school board received a letter dated July 10 from primary contractor Massaro Corporation that disclosed the work on the new building will not be completed by July 22. Joe Tavella of Massaro stated at a July 17 school board meeting that the company is “working with the district to get in by July 22.”

School board members asked representatives from Massaro attending the meeting if the district has done anything to impede the work, to which Tavella replied that some change orders have impeded the work as materials have not been delivered on time for the completion date.

The board has been receiving monthly construction updates on the progress of the new building. Fornella pointed out that up until recently, the board has been told the project was a month ahead of schedule.

Joseph Massaro assured the board that certificates of occupancy will be in hand by July 22. “We’re going to be done,” Massaro said.

Fornella, who toured the building on July 14, told Massaro, “What I saw Sunday was appalling,” as far as the amount of work that still needed to be done at that time.

“I understand your anxiety, but we will be done,” Massaro said. “I don’t know why you are upset the way you are. I think it’s a great project,” he added.

Fornella added, “July 22 is not a soft deadline, it’s a hard deadline. We have to get moved into that building.” The board has already conveyed to Massaro that there will be penalties if the district cannot move into the building by that date.

In the July 10 letter, it was stated that tile flooring for the STEAM classroom still needs to be installed and a set of stairs needs to be finished. In order to meet occupancy permit requirements, Tavella told the board that temporary treads and landings will be installed on the stairs. He added the materials from the stairs will not arrive at the site until July 29.

Also, delivery of the custom wall covering for the STEAM classroom is a couple of weeks away, Tavella said.

The digital sign for in front of the building will not arrive on site until Aug. 6, due to a delay in ordering the sign. Representatives from Massaro said the sign was not approved until the morning of July 17 because of the addition of the word “township” to the sign.

Superintendent Dr. Bille Rondinelli pointed out that there was a delay in getting the information on the change to the district for approval.

Tavella said there have been challenges with getting the granite for the clearstory area out of Canada, from where it was ordered. He said it was ordered in the middle of June. Mini-blinds and shades also need to be ordered.

Massaro told the board, “You have our word. We’ll get it done.”

A walk-through of the building for administrators and board members was scheduled for July 19. The grand opening of the building is set for 9 a.m. Aug. 10.

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