Flooding dominates conversation at Scott meeting

Published Jul 25, 2013 at 12:57 pm (Updated Jul 25, 2013 at 12:57 pm)

Hit hard during July’s torrential rainstorms, Scott Township residents were at the Scott commissioners’ July 23 regular meeting asking for help to resolve the issue. Parts of Scott’s 3rd and 4th wards experienced extensive flooding during the July 10 storms, and many of those affected by the storms have been dealing with flooding for years.

In 2001, Dennis Morecroft of Berkwood Drive spent approximately $14,000 to build a retaining wall to direct storm water off of his property. The wall collapsed during the July 10 storms, prompting Morecroft to ask the board for help.

“I can’t fix this problem,” said Morecroft. “We need a storm sewer on the side of our property.”

Another Berkwood Drive resident, Beth Tomasic, had 3-feet of water in her basement, ruining her new car and family room. She estimated her damages at $30,000.

Several residents of Elmbrook Lane experienced extensive flooding; one resident, Susan Schmider, said the flooding has been happening since 1966. In addition to water damage, residents have concerns about mold from the repeated flooding.

Residents suspect the runoff is coming from Our Lady of Grace Church and School, located on Kane Boulevard, which is above their street. Commissioner Dave Calabria said the Diocese of Pittsburgh is looking into a correction plan.

Several Ryan Drive residents also experienced flood damage. Joe Redlinger’s home had 4-feet of water in it, damaging his garage, basement and car. He said the exact same thing happened 14 years ago when his home was flooded on July 28, 1999. You paid the claim then, said Redlinger, but it’s being denied now.

Joe Woznicki, also of Ryan Drive, said storm water runoff from Carriage Park Apartments has caused his property to sink 4 to 6 inches in the last 18 months. He said there are eight homes being affected by the erosion at the base of the hill from the runoff from the apartment complex.

“We’re all losing more and more of our property,” said Woznicki. “It’s becoming a serious issue.”

The township’s sewer committee and engineer will be reviewing all properties where flooding was reported. Board president Tom Castello hopes to have feedback for residents at the board’s Aug. 13 agenda meeting.

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