Oakdale requests tour of South Fayette detention ponds

Published Aug 16, 2013 at 2:26 pm (Updated Aug 16, 2013 at 2:26 pm)

The borough of Oakdale wants to tour a portion of South Fayette, specifically the township’s water detention ponds.

According to South Fayette Manager Ryan Eggleston the township received such a request in a letter from Oakdale Council President Huck Gamble.

The letter stated that officials from Oakdale and the state department of environmental protection would like to tour areas of South Fayette Township where “water runoff adversely affects Oakdale.”

In the letter, it states that “State Route 978 from Battle Ridge Road became a raging river.”

Deron Gabriel, president of the South Fayette Board of Commissioners said at the meeting that the majority of the water runoff goes into the Tom’s Run watershed.

No date for a tour of the township has been set.

In other business at the Aug. 14 workshop meeting, the board discussed the township’s strategic plan which included a list of several items for the board to address. The list compiled by Eggleston included: a decision on the Star City property, the completion of the pavilion at Fairview Park, an upgrade for the township’s website, paving needs, capital equipment needs and a master parks and recreation plan, along with several other items.

The board came to the consensus that it would be best to have several meetings to focus on a few of the items at a time. No dates were set for the meetings.

Also at the meeting, Eggleston discussed the timeline for the township’s 2014 budget. He said by mid-September, all of the township’s department heads must submit completed budget worksheets. After that he will meet with the department heads to go over their budgets.

By Oct. 30, a draft budget will be submitted to the board of commissioners. At the Nov. 6 workshop meeting, Eggleston said he will review general and capital fund budgets. A public hearing will be held prior to the Nov. 13 voting meeting, after which the board will consider approval of the draft budget. Further discussion will be held at the Dec. 4 workshop meeting and the final adoption of the budget and the setting of taxation rates will be voted upon at the Dec. 11 voting meeting.

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