Let common sense be your guide

Published Aug 21, 2013 at 6:29 am (Updated Aug 16, 2013 at 2:39 pm)

In response to Mr. Ehrenkrook’s comments on the July 24 Almanac editorial page, I can see his point that certain parts of the Bible, if taken literally, do not exactly fit the rules and ways of modern-day living, now, as we have it.

We could haggle all day and night over how this same sex marriage style of living will affect our whole society down the road. Common sense should be your guide. However, one thing, and one thing only, stands above all else and any and all spoken words. That is the question of what I am doing. No matter what, is it pleasing to God? In this anything-goes society, what the majority wants and feels is right and okay may not be pleasing to God. Again, common sense answers the question.

Making it a law and having a majority rule in a decision on how we live and how we are to conduct our lives doesn’t mean that it’s right. These are man-made laws, choices and decisions. These are not laws, choices and decisions ordered by the Lord himself.

Ask yourself one question: Is it pleasing to God? Common sense again dictates where our destiny will be when our life on this Earth is done. One simple rule to live by is this: Do what is pleasing to God. Once again, common sense will allow you to make the correct choice in all that you do.

Jim Morris


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