Pizza and more in Peters

Published Sep 11, 2013 at 7:22 am (Updated Sep 11, 2013 at 10:30 am)

P eters Township is the place to go for a good education and to buy an upscale home for more money than the average Joe makes in a decade.

It’s also the place to go for a new car or truck, gasoline, or a quick medical diagnosis as the township is inundated with car dealerships, gasoline stations and medical centers and doctor’s offices.

A new car dealership is in the works on the site of the former Sears Service Center, and a remodeled station is now selling BP gas practically across the street from another BP station, both advertising the same price.

And, now, it seems, Peters will be the place to go for pizza.

In the past week or so, a new pizza restaurant opened in the former Damon’s restaurant on Dam Road near Canonsburg Lake. Hope it lasts longer than the myriad of restaurants that have come and gone in the same location.

Another pizza place is advertising it will open in the former Parkvale Savings Bank on Washington Road, and yet another pizza joint has an opening soon sign outside a former hair salon farther north on Washington Road.

Those three don’t include the other, established pizza places mainly along Washington Road starting in Waterdam Plaza to the south and trailing north. And there are a few Italian-based restaurants and take-out joints in other township locations like East McMurray Road.

At one time, the township was known as the Chinese food capital, but it seems pizza is making a surge for the top.

Just how much pizza do people in Peters Township eat? Must be a lot to support every place that sells the item, and it isn’t even a college town. Good thing there are so many pharmacies and drug stores in the township that sell antacids.

Where’s the diversity, not only in restaurants but in the general shopping experience when it comes to Peters Township? It likes to bill itself as “an affluent community” but affluent shopping is lacking.

Grand plans abound in the soon-to-be adopted comprehensive plan of creating town centers and increasing the township’s walkability—one of the new catch phrases of urban planners, like signage instead of signs.

Township zoning ordinance prohibit the building of big box stores so don’t look for a Walmart anytime soon. That’s a good thing. But, come on township planners, look for some new ideas when it comes to retail and try to come up with something other than pizza.

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