A Blue Ribbon means excellence

Published Oct 2, 2013 at 6:17 am (Updated Oct 1, 2013 at 5:21 pm)

W ith only 17 schools in the state and 286 nationally, receiving the National Blue Ribbon award for outstanding education, the odds of three of those schools being in adjacent school districts are practically astronomical. But that’s exactly what happened when schools in the Mt. Lebanon School District, the Upper St. Clair School District and the Peters Township School District received the prestigious award.

For Upper St. Clair, the Fort Couch Middle School received the Blue Ribbon award for the fourth time, one of only seven schools in the country to register that many wins. That brings the total Blue Ribbon awards to 11 for the Upper St. Clair district. Amazing.

Equally amazing is the seventh such award for the Mt. Lebanon School District with the newest recipient, Lincoln Elementary School, being selected for its third award.

In Peters Township, the award to the middle school was the first for the level and the second in the district.

Receiving a Blue Ribbon award is a big deal and should not be treated lightly. The selection process is grueling and to have three such school nearby is prestigious.

Yes, school taxes are high, really high in some districts, and teachers on the job a few years make a pretty good salary compared to those in other jobs. But, something must be happening with those tax dollars to result in three districts within driving distance receiving the award.

It’s not just teachers, but the entire school system that needs to be commended in the three districts, including the students who do well on tests, parents who require excellence, and the custodians who keep those building clean and neat for the education process. And we can’t forget the bus drivers and cafeteria personnel who get the students to school to learn and who prepare meals to keep the children fed and eager to be educated.

Congratulations to the three districts for showcasing the excellence in education found in Western Pennsylvania.

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