Scott residents concerned about bus routes

Published Oct 25, 2013 at 2:51 pm (Updated Oct 25, 2013 at 2:51 pm)

Over 50 people crowded into the Scott Township Commissioners’ Oct. 22 regular meeting, most to learn more about possible changes to the 38C bus route.

At the board’s Oct. 8 agenda meeting, a number of residents of Orchard Spring Road complained about the excessive number of buses traveling on the residential street that connects to Greentree Road. Several residents claimed that the 60 Port Authority buses driving on the two-lane street weekdays from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. created noise, congestion, and safety issues.

Craig Stephens, 7th ward commissioner, said he and Commissioners Tom Castello and Pat Caruso will meet with Dan DeBone, senior government relations officer with the Port Authority. Some of the topics expected to be discussed include the number of buses on Orchard Spring, safety, and road damage.

Stephens said the 38C bus route was “very important”, adding that he rides that bus. He said the entire board of commissioners was in agreement that they want no cuts in service.

Stephens assured the crowd, “This bus is not being cut in any way.”

During the public comments portion of the meeting, a number of residents voiced their concerns about what might happen to the number of buses servicing the area if buses were re-routed from Orchard Spring Road. Two residents of Orchard Spring spoke, stating that they thought the problems with the number of buses on the road were exaggerated.

At the same meeting, the board heard from Waste Management representative Michael Christ. Christ spoke about the fully automated recycling program proposed for Scott in 2015. Showing the board the new recycling container that will be used, Christ explained that a machine will pick the container up and empty it into the recycling truck.

Waste Management will deliver one free recycling container to each residence prior to April 1, 2015. Residents who need additional containers will be able to purchase them. Christ estimated the cost of an additional container to be approximately $40-$45.

Commissioner Eileen Meyers had questions about how recycled material would be collected in the Glendale area of the municipality, since the area has many stairs and narrow streets. Christ said their company has the option to collect recyclables manually in areas where it was difficult to use the automated system.

Christ said residents will be notified by mail about how the new recycling program would work and what they needed to do on garbage day. Instructions will also be included with the containers when they are delivered.

In an 8-0 vote, the board awarded the contract for waste removal and recycling to Waste Management from 2014 to 2018, with alternate B to go fully automated for recycling in April 2015. Commissioner David Calabria was absent from the meeting.

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