Deer a problem in Upper St. Clair, too

Published Nov 13, 2013 at 6:18 am (Updated Nov 11, 2013 at 10:22 am)

Buried in William Hoon’s statistical analysis of the deer population in our area is his only statement relevant to the effect of the local deer population on human health, safety and quality of life – “The numbers are really irrelevant.” His numbers, even assuming they are correct, are no more relevant than those he purports to refute. Considered human judgment based on evidence, not statistics, is what is needed.

The best evidence is to find out how local residents are being affected by the deer population. As a resident of Upper St. Clair, I can certainly speak to my own experience. A herd of four or five deer invades our front yard every night, and are a very disturbing force. When we attempt to exit our car to go to the house, the best we can hope for is that they refuse to move, as they have at times chased us. If we have to leave the house at night, we have to peer around the yard and corners hoping they aren’t around. The situation is so bad that had I known of this problem at the time I purchased my house, I would have passed on the house, and probably on Upper St. Clair.

Not only do these pests take the full enjoyment of our home from us, they actually endanger me and my daughter. Besides being subject to charging from the deer, they leave their droppings in our yard. Although they are not carriers of Lyme disease in a medical sense, Mr. Hoon apparently does not realize that deer also leave the ticks behind to later attach themselves to humans. I know people with Lyme disease, and it is not a minor inconvenience to them – it is a debilitating disease.

We live together in communities because we realize that we are better off that way. One of the responsibilities of community living is to financially contribute to the common good through taxation. Another responsibility is to understand the issues effecting the community so one can offer evidence relevant to solving community problems, not polemics that detract from understanding.

Herb Caponi

Upper St. Clair

Deer a problem in Upper St. Clair, too

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