USC seeks bids to replace track at stadium

Published Nov 26, 2013 at 9:05 am (Updated Nov 26, 2013 at 9:05 am)

Upper St. Clair School Board voted 7-0 on Nov. 25 to advertise for bids to replace the running track at the high school, as well as possible other improvements to the stadium that could be added when the contract is awarded. The entire project may cost about a half million dollars.

Board members Harry Kunselman and Rebecca Stern were absent.

According to a presentation by David McLean, architect, the board to be able to award the contract in January 2014.

McLean said he expects construction to start around May 15 with a completion date around July 20.

He had said at a previous meeting that he expected they would get the best bid prices if they bid the project in the winter.

McLean estimated on Nov. 12 that the entire project could cost $504,000 if the board contracted for all the items on the bid documents, in addition to the track replacement.

He said he expects the track itself to cost about $275,000, with another $90,000 for the asphalt base under the track.

Also included in the bid will be sideline mats to protect the new track when benches are placed on it, which McLean expects to cost $4,500; a new timing device that could cost $6,500; and additional field event components for another $28,000.

A final set of items are bids sought for replacing the perimeter fencing for the stadium for an estimated $65,000, and replacing the inner fencing around the running track for an estimated $35,000.

Board member Louis Oliverio at the Nov. 12 presentation by the architect said he questioned spending $100,000 for new fencing at the high school stadium when that money could be spent on other capital projects.

“I think that there may be others things more important,” Oliverio said Nov. 12. “The fence isn’t pretty but it seems OK.”

Oliverio said he was voting in favor of going out for the bid on Nov. 25 because of the flexibility of the bid, to subtract items if necessary.

“I generally agree of the need for the running track,” he said Nov. 25. “The flexibility is the reason I’m supporting this.”

Superintendent Patrick O’Toole said Nov. 12, “the track was our main priority.”

“It’s not only good for our students, it’s good for our community,” he said. “It’s really a community resource.”

The track is used by residents for running and walking when it is not being used by students.

Board member Buffy Hasco said Nov. 12 that she has been to several other area stadiums recently, and “by far the condition of our track is the worst that I’ve seen.”

“It’s long past the point of needing to be re-done,” she said.

McLean said Nov. 12 that he believed the current track was installed in 1997, and the asphalt under it may have been in place since 1974.

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