Peters adopts new comprehensive plan

Published Dec 10, 2013 at 9:18 am (Updated Dec 10, 2013 at 9:18 am)

Peters Township is moving forward with their comprehensive plan for the township. In a 6-1 vote at their Dec. 9 regular meeting, council approved a resolution adopting “Plan Peters 2022.”

Prior to the vote, Peters Planning Director Ed Zuk reviewed highlights of the draft of the comprehensive plan. Zuk told the board that the comprehensive plan was a policy guide, not law, and that zoning ordinances provide the specific regulations.

Zuk spoke about the guiding principles that were identified as the cornerstone of the comprehensive plan, which included the promotion of unique activity centers, emphasis on housing choices and diversity, staying forever green, building township character and identity, increasing transportation choice and walkability, enhancing the municipal advantage, and excelling in education and township services. He also reviewed future land use and implementation of the comprehensive plan.

Township manager Michael Silvestri said the plan was a land use plan, and that over the next 10 years only a fraction of the plan would be implemented. Change will come on an incremental basis said SIlvestri. “Some won’t be ready to be changed for decades.”

Council member Monica Merrell, who cast the lone “nay” vote, said she was very cautious about the plan being a good way to move with the township. “Every community develops its own character,” said Merrick. “I’d like us to remain unique.”

Several council members had concerns about controlling the process. Council chairman Frank Acuri said he had no problem with the variety of development options, but he didn’t want to give up control. Zuk said that council will be responsible for adopting ordinances for zoning and other changes.

The complete comprehensive plan can be viewed on the municipality’s website at

At the same meeting, council voted unanimously to award the bid for the public works garage water line project to Colosimo, who came in with the low bid of $49,775. The budgeted amount for the project was $36,500. Council member Jim Berquist commented, “I think we just underestimated the scope of the work.”

“We need the project done,” said Berquist, adding that he didn’t think the difference between the bid and the amount budgeted was worth going through another bid.

Silvestri said the project is for a water line extension for the public works garage and will include putting a fire hydrant near the garage.

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