Scott considers code enforcement fee changes

Published Dec 12, 2013 at 3:19 pm (Updated Dec 12, 2013 at 3:19 pm)

Scott commissioners are considering changes to the township’s code enforcement fees. Scott’s building inspector/code enforcement officer, Bob Fischer, presented a list of proposed fee changes at the commissioners Dec. 10 agenda meeting.

Fischer recommended that fees for building permits be based on three percent of the cost of construction. Currently, a permit for an $11,000 project would be $59, but if the proposed changes are approved, the permit fee for the same project would be $330. During discussion, board members agreed on the three percent flat fee for projects up to $150,000, but wanted a two percent fee for projects over $150,000.

Other proposed changes include increasing the commercial demolition permit to $500 plus $.50 per square foot, and setting the demolition permit fee for residential property over 1,000 square feet at $600, and for residential property under 1,000 feet at $250.

Grading permits are currently $12 per 1,000 cubic yards and $3 for an additional 1,000 cubic yards. Grading permits for a single family home would be a flat fee of $250 and a commercial grading permit would be $450 for the first 1,000 cubic yards and $45 for each additional 1,000 cubic yards. Residential certificate of occupancy would remain at $50, but commercial certificate of occupancy would increase to $100.

Residential zoning hearings and conditional use hearings would increase from $200 to $300, and commercial zoning hearings and conditional use hearings would increase from $300 to $500. Sign permits vary based on size, with the fee for a sign one square foot to 12 square feet set at $50, from 12 to 25 square feet set at $150, and signs 25 feet to maximum set at $200. The board is expected to vote on the proposed changes at its Dec. 30 regular meeting.

Bill Dipner of PennDOT was at the agenda meeting to discuss proposed nighttime work for road resurfacing on Greentree Road from Cochran Road to Parkway Center. Dipner said the project is expected to start in May 2014 and will include two inch milling of pavement and a two inch asphalt overlay. The project also includes bus lane reconstruction near Carriage Park Apartments.

If work is done at night, from 8 p.m. until 5 a.m., Dipner estimated that the entire project would take approximately two weeks to complete. If the work has to be done during daylight hours, the project would take about a month and a half, since the crews could only work from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. due to traffic.

Board members discussed possible changes to the township website. Township manager Denise Fitzgerald told the board that she had been making a list of items that people wanted to see on the site, which was used to get a proposal for what those changes would cost. The proposal came back at $3,500, more than the board wanted to spend. Fitzgerald said she was directed to get an estimate to add forms to the site and provide updates, so she went to the current provider, who estimated the cost at $2,600.

Commissioner David Calabria said the company that provided the initial proposal should have been asked to give an estimate for just adding forms and updates.

Commissioner Bill Wells agreed, saying, “Let’s see what others can do for $2,600.”

Board president Tom Castello said he had no objection, as long as the price came in under budget.

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