SF student pursues her passion for art

Published Dec 23, 2013 at 6:10 am (Updated Dec 19, 2013 at 12:25 pm)

Many of today’s youth have not only been blessed with incredible talents, but with challenging opportunities to encourage their goals and ultimately their future as well. Choirs showcase those with appealing voices, athletic programs may offer top players spots on professional teams and scholarships provide educational opportunities to gifted students. Creativity with an artistic flair is often evident in young children. Outstanding results often points to a future in the arts.

In her senior year at South Fayette High School, Victoria DiGiacomo is one amazing artist. Through the school’s art classes and her instructor Patrick McAndrew, her discipline and talent has continued to mature, allowing opportunities for individual expression and amazing results. Surrounded by her artistic peers, she gladly shares her own experiences and is happy with tips from others.

“She challenges herself and has very high expectations and confidence in doing what she likes,” McAndrew said.

As a young girl, Victoria remembers wanting to keep within the lines on her coloring pages. Cinderella, Prince Charming, other Disney characters and animals have always been her favorites to reproduce.

“Victoria drew a picture of a cat when she was 5. It still hangs in my house,” said Judy DiGiacomo, Victoria’s grandmother. “In middle school, she won a savings bond from Forbes Regional Health Center for her note card drawings. The cards were sold as a fundraiser for the Heart Center.”

As a 10th grade student and a member of the McMurray Art League, Victoria entered her first art exhibit held at The Galleria of Mt. Lebanon. She received the People’s Choice award for her pencil drawing of Rose, co-star in the famed movie “Titanic.”

Her work continued to draw attention from both her peers and adults. As a junior, she attended a meeting of the Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators with several of her drawings, and received high acclaim.

In 2011, Victoria designed a picture of a snow theme for the school district’s holiday card art competition. Keeping with the lion theme of her school’s mascot, she was presented with the top award. Her pencil drawing of a lion pulling a sled filled with holiday gifts was chosen as the cover of the winter issue of the In South Fayette Community Magazine and was also used as the picture on Christmas greeting cards.

In 2012, she designed another pencil drawing. This snow scene showed an adult lion sleeping on a wintry starry night and was also revealed on the magazine’s cover.

The only artist ever to have her artwork featured on the cover of three issues of In Community, Victoria’s recent first place entry of a stately lion and child at Christmas again filled the cover of the winter issue.

Victoria’s hand-drawn images are unbelievably realistic, a tribute to the passion she feels for her talent. “I credit much of my artistic journey to the support and experience I’ve received from my instructor, Mr. McAndrew.

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