Lebo recognizes school honors, delays trophy case vote

Published Jan 21, 2014 at 10:27 am (Updated Jan 21, 2014 at 10:27 am)

The Mt. Lebanon school board gave special recognition to nine high-achieving schools at its Jan. 20, 2014 meeting. Elementary schools Foster, Hoover, Howe, Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson and Markham, as well as Jefferson Middle School and Mt. Lebanon High School all earned Governor’s Awards for Excellence in Academics based on their 2012-2013 school performance profiles. (See page A1 for more.)

Schools with performance profiles above 90 percent received the awards. Mt. Lebanon High School ranked first out of 276 Allegheny County public schools with a score of 99.5 percent.

“It is no mystery why we’re successful,” superintendent Dr. Tim Steinhauer said. “We have great students, as well as supportive parents and staff who work diligently every day to provide the best possible education for each and every student.”

The board also delayed a vote on a bid for a $73,828 trophy case for Mt. Lebanon’s newly-renovated high school. Board president Elaine Cappucci explained that the board would wait for additional information before moving forward, to consider whether the case should be funded with proceeds from the district’s capital campaign or as a capital project.

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