Lebo schools to use $1.6 million for capital projects

Published Feb 11, 2014 at 8:47 am (Updated Feb 11, 2014 at 8:47 am)

The Mt. Lebanon school board aims to approve $1.6 million in capital projects for the upcoming budget year, compared to an average of $1.1 million over the last several years. The increase resulted from the inclusion of several projects that had been held off until the district’s high school renovation got underway.

The list consists of 67 items, ranging from improving cell phone coverage to new desks for classrooms.

School board president Elaine Cappucci stressed that although high school-related expenditures appear on the list, these were always intended to be done as capital projects. They include line items such as curtains and a sound system for the auditorium, as well as cafeteria tables. “This was not done to avoid any debt limit or referendum,” she said.

“The trophy case is on here,” Cappucci continued, referencing the inclusion of about $74,000 for a new trophy case for the high school. “We are still looking at how best to pay for this, whether it should be on this list or funded by donors. By approving it on this list we are not saying we are going to begin work right away. Any bid would come back to the board for approval.”

The district’s director of fiscal services, Jan Klein, explained that about $5.65 to 5.7 million remains in the capital projects fund. She said another $5 million remains in the general fund that could be transferred to fund capital projects if necessary.

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