Peters council discusses salt shortage

Published Feb 25, 2014 at 9:38 am (Updated Feb 25, 2014 at 9:38 am)

Although discussion of the salt situation in Peters Township was not officially on the agenda at the Feb. 24, meeting the topic was brought up by council member Monica Merrell.

She informed township manager Michael Silvestri that salt supplies in area municipalities was discussed at a recent SHACOG (South Hills Area Council of Governments) meeting. She wondered whether Peters Township would be entitled to any liquidated damage from shipments that did not come in on time.

Silvestri said the monetary damages awarded to municipalities coincide with how much salt is due to the municipality, and that the potential could be 50 cents per ton in liquidated damages.

Peters Township director of public works Peter Overcashier said currently the township has 900 tons of salt outstanding and are owed around $4,300 in liquidated damages. He said the township was open to taking salt at any time of the day, not just during business hours, so it would be eligible for the damages. He said he’s placed additional orders for more salt.

He added that the public works staff worked on Feb. 24 to brine the streets and Peters Township has enough salt to “weather a couple more” storms.

In other public works matters at the meeting, the board voted to purchase a John Deere tractor with a Tiger Boom mower for a cost of $93,800. The budgeted amount for the equipment was $95,000. The board also voted to purchase a skid loader/trailer for the lowest bid or the best fit for the township. Overcashier is still waiting on one bid.

Summer projects

Silvestri announced Columbia Gas and PennDOT will be doing construction along East McMurray Road and several of its side streets beginning in July. The work will be to install new gas lines.

Silvestri said he was hoping to convince Columbia Gas and PennDOT to hold off on the project until the Valley Brook Road project is finished. However, both parties said the pipes need to be upgraded now and that it is best to have it done when school is out for the summer. He asked council if there would be any objections to having Columbia Gas conduct the work on East McMurray Road at night from the hours of 7 p.m.-6 a.m. He said the work on the side streets would still convene during the day.

“I don’t think we have a choice,” said council member Frank Arcuri. “I don’t like it, but what are you going to do?” Council agreed it would be best for the work to be done at night on East McMurray Road to alleviate any further traffic congestion.

Liquor license transfer

Council voted unanimously to transfer a liquor license from Somerset Township, Washington County to Ichiban Bistro in Peters Township. The restaurant will be located in the Donaldson’s Crossroads Shopping Center at 3981 Washington Road in the location of the former Hibachi restaurant and GNC.

Gregory A. Szallar, attorney for Ichiban’s owners, spoke during a public hearing Feb. 24. He said the restaurant is an upscale, family oriented eatery and will be open seven days a week and will have seating for 200 people.

In Ichiban’s other area locations, Szaller said alcohol comprises about 10 to 15 percent of the restaurant’s sales.

“It will be an aesthetically pleasing restaurant and low maintenance for the police department,” Szaller said.

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