Merrell made twerking the official PT dance move

Published Mar 5, 2014 at 5:08 am (Updated Mar 1, 2014 at 10:12 am)

I believe Bill Merrell, the Peters Township School Board member who freaked out at a high school dance, needs to go back to school and retake history, as he is doomed to repeat it. I remember how the television cameras were not permitted to show Elvis’s swinging hips and how congress was discussing bills to make rock ‘n’ roll illegal.

We all know the quote Plato attributed to Socrates about civilization not being able to continue due to children running wild in the streets and not listening to their parents. Even Hesiod wrote, in the eighth century, (BC!) that he saw no future if they were to be dependent on the youth of his day. This knee jerk reaction that seems to be the rage in all school districts lately, was not well played. And his desire to teach ballroom dancing? From this day forward, anything this man has to say has been minimized.

This Peters Township board member has just made twerking THE official dance of his school district for the next four years, if not at school, at least at every party the kids are going to have.

My son and I have experienced a great relationship because I knew which battle to wage, and which to let alone, as I understood the truism, “We seek that which we cannot have.” He wants to rid his life of kids twerking, just like the twist, and he thinks his kids will return to “normal.” This is scary. Just remember, ballroom dancing was considered risque at the time, too. Twerking will come and go, and the more you fight it, the longer it sticks around.

Tom Tomkins

Bethel Park

Merrell made twerking the official PT dance move

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