BP Council recognizes road crew

Published Mar 11, 2014 at 10:39 am (Updated Mar 11, 2014 at 10:39 am)

For keeping things moving during a winter that included record snowfalls and record cold temperatures, Bethel Park Mayor Jack Allen recognized members of the road crew and municipal authority as “the people who make Bethel Park a better place to live,” for the month of March.

The average winter snowfall for this region is 41.9 inches, but so far this season the road crew has had to deal with 58 inches, making this the ninth snowiest winter on record, Allen said.

“We got hit pretty good,” said Allen, noting that during an average year the road crew gets called out 32 times.

As of March 10, road crews had been called out 47 times and had used !3,000 tons of salt and 15,000 tons of sand. On average, the municipality uses 8,300 tons of salt during a winter season, he said.

In addition to the road crews, Allen recognized municipal authority employees who were dialling with temperatures 20 percent lower than a normal winter.

Winter has taken a toll on the roads, and council awarded the 2014 road program contract to Morgan Excavating in the amount of $1,424,570.60.

“It’s a little bit more than we usually spend, but with the winter we have had, it is much needed,” explained Council President Tim Moury

Councilwoman Lorrie Gibbons said street cleaning to clear up the winter debris will be on next month’s agenda,

In other business, council approved the sale of 15 acres of land adjacent to Millennium Park to developers, Cool Springs Associates, L.P. for $350,000. The developers are revitalizing the former golf center along Baptist Road.

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