Expansion possible for South Fayette High School

Published Apr 17, 2014 at 2:39 pm (Updated Apr 17, 2014 at 2:39 pm)

With enrollment at South Fayette High School expected to increase significantly in the coming years, Eckles Architecture has begun the process of a feasibility study to see how much space would be needed to expand the current high school. At an April 15 meeting, David Esposito of Eckles recommended a total of nearly 62,000 square feet be added to the school to house 1,000-plus students.

Projections by demographer Dr. Shelby Stewman show that by next year, the high school will have about 805 students, with rates expected to grow from 13 to 16 percent by 2020.

“We’ve begun an existing facilities survey,” Esposito told the board at the meeting. He said the firm has been evaluating what the school currently has and what will need to be added.

He said there are three main goals of the feasibility study and those are to understand the existing facility, understand the educational programming of the school and understand the physical configurations of the building.

As far as classrooms, about 11,740 square feet would need to be added, with another 11,500 square feet of common areas like the cafeteria.

“The total of all areas is 61,745 square feet of anticipated architectural area to accommodate that enrollment,” Esposito said.

He also added that additional campus needs would have to be addressed like expansion of the baseball fields, track and parking lots.

Eckles is also recommending the district have a traffic impact study done as part of the expansion.

Cassandra Renninger of Eckles said two proposals were received for the traffic study, which she said would “record counts and analyze potential needs for expansion.” The board did not vote on a proposal at the meeting. Proposals were received from Gateway Engineering and Trans Associates Engineers.

Renninger said after the study is completed, Eckles and school officials would have to meet with the township to see if improvements to nearby Battle Ridge Road would be needed.

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