Christian’s Law should pertain to all ages

Published Apr 30, 2014 at 6:28 am (Updated Apr 27, 2014 at 6:06 pm)

I wish to thank The Almanac for its comprehensive story and editorial concerning the Christian Stanfield bullying case. Apparently someone with a great deal of power (and money) is behind the inaction of filing charges for assault, harassment and possibly hate crime against the bullies. I say hate crime because Christian is disabled and the abuse he has endured is most probably due to his being “different,” because of his disability.

I support the legislation of Christian’s Law, however, I do feel the law should apply to all age groups. After all, children model their parents. When parents speak disparaging words, accuse unjustly, isolate those who disagree with political/social viewpoints, that too, is bullying. So I ask: with a society filled with hatred, how can we expect children to act differently? Maybe it is time adults grow up and be responsible – or is that too much to ask? Everyone knows a bully is trying to compensate for something lacking in themselves. By being a foolish weakling beating up on the vulnerable, a bully gets a sense of power that is usually insatiable, because the hole in the bully’s soul will never be healed with victimization of others. In essence, bullies are pathetic and must be treated for the mental disorder they exhibit.

As for being wire tapped at school; every teenager has a phone today that can video tape, so the “expectation of privacy” issue is ludicrous at best. Maybe security cameras in school hallways and classrooms should be installed by Townships, then we will know why a massacre happens at one of our schools. It appears without someone recording bullying, no one will help the victims. What a sad statement for our society when every culture is judged on how the most vulnerable among us is treated.

Georgia Feild

Mt. Lebanon

Christian’s Law should pertain to all ages

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