Scott Township resident asks for commissioners help

Published May 15, 2014 at 3:10 pm (Updated May 15, 2014 at 3:10 pm)

Susan McDonald was at the Scott Township commissioners’ May 13 agenda meeting to ask the board for assistance in stopping local youth from using her front yard as their private playground.

McDonald, a resident of Cress Street, said that between 15 and 20 kids are in front of her house whenever school is out, using her neighbor’s movable basketball hoop. McDonald said she has asked her neighbor to lock up the hoop when they are not at home.

Stating that the problem has been going on for months, McDonald said the kids have destroyed her front yard retrieving basketballs, dropping trash and ignoring “no trespassing” signs on her property.

“I’m on a fixed income and can’t afford to fix my yard or install a fence,” she said.

McDonald also said that the youth have told her they plan on using her yard as a playground. She indicated that some of the youth have threatened her and her pets.

She has called the police when the kids are in her yard, but said when she called on May 2, she was told the kids were allowed to play in the street and the police weren’t coming.

“I’m afraid to go out of my house,” said McDonald. “What can I do to protect myself?”

Scott Chief of Police Jim Secreet said that McDonald should continue to call when the youth are in her yard, adding that he would investigate the response to her call on May 2.

Commissioner Eileen Meyers said the basketball hoop had recently been put back up in the park, which she thought would help the problem.

Board president David Jason instructed township manager Denise Fitzgerald to put the item on the agenda for the commissioners’ regular meeting on May 27 for an update on the situation.

In other business, the board opened the meeting with the swearing in of Scott police officer Steven Mitrisin by District Magistrate Gary Zyra. Commissioner Pat Caruo congratulated Mitrisin on behalf of the board, stating, “We’re very happy to have you.”

Chief Secreet said that he was very impressed with Mitrisin during the testing process. Secreet said in addition to his experience with the Collier Police Dept., Mitrisin was also an officer with the city of Pittsburgh.

“I know he’ll do a good job,” said Secreet.

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