Giant Eagle ridiculous in Whole Foods court case

Published May 21, 2014 at 4:06 am (Updated May 17, 2014 at 8:54 am)

First of all, we applaud and support the thoughts and letter of Dr. Rob and Roseanne Absalom published in the May 14 Almanac.

We sincerely hope that Upper St. Clair Township’s decision on April 7 to rezone property at Washington and Fort Couch Roads for mixed use development including a Whole Foods grocery store with underground parking will stand.

Giant Eagle is claiming they are concerned about traffic the development could generate and has filed an appeal against the project, even though the developer has said road improvements will be made to ease traffic. Giant Eagle never seemed to worry about traffic patterns when they built their gas stations and convenience stores on corners in Bethel Park and Mt. Lebanon.

We, who realize Giant Eagle is the Pittsburgh area’s “general store,” know well that the problem Giant Eagle really has with the project is it fears the competition of Whole Foods – even though competition is what helps the American buyers to have a choice where and on what to spend their money. In addition, seeing a thriving development certainly displays the idea of a successful area, rather than an area of mounds of dirt where another business used to stand.

The owners of Giant Eagle should be ashamed of their behavior in this case. We do our shopping at Whole Foods in Shadyside and Wexford and can attest to the quality of these stores. We also shop at Fresh Market and Trader Joes and Giant Eagle. Every store has its uniqueness.

The two women who filed the original complaint apparently cannot see that the Whole Foods project, along with the South Hills Village development plans, will help bring our area up to the level of success the Cranberry Township shopping area is enjoying. We just hope Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas realizes this.

Tom and Mary Ann Dimuzio

Bethel Park

Giant Eagle ridiculous in court case

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