Upper St. Clair, Whole Foods not considerate of residents

Published Jun 4, 2014 at 6:47 am (Updated Jun 2, 2014 at 3:34 pm)

We received a bulk mailed flyer May 28 which was sent by “USC Families for Food Fairness.” The flyer named, with photos and addresses, three people that this group claims are supported by Giant Eagle in their current fight over the Whole Foods project. They seem to be inviting harassment of these individuals who are exercising their legal rights. Interestingly, this flyer did not contain the names, addresses and photos of the people behind this attack or identify their supporter.

When Consol moved from their building and no one was found to occupy the space, the property was most certainly going to be sold to a developer. A developer’s job is to develop and make a lot of money. The township commissioners’ jobs are to be politicians and bring in a lot of money to the township, $1.4 million per year for this development, according to the flyer. The residents’ job is to try to protect their property in Upper St. Clair, where they are located with high hopes of a quality life experience.

We do have an interest in the project because we live on Fieldgate drive, sharing our back yard with the development. According to the blueprints at the township building, the edge of our deck (not the property line), is three inches or 150 feet from the planned 16-foot high retaining wall behind Whole Foods. Although “26 percent” of this development is green space, there is not much in our neck of the woods. We have not felt at a loss for food opportunities with Fresh Market, Trader Joe’s, the Giant Eagle and Giant Eagle Express, Target’s large grocery department and the small but unique Uncommon Market.

We are anxiously awaiting the “17.5 percent” increase in our property value as set forth in the flyer so that we can move and settle someplace where residents receive more consideration.

Lois and Donald Guinn

Upper St. Clair

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