Almanac unveils redesign, new website

Published Jun 24, 2014 at 4:43 pm (Updated Jun 25, 2014 at 10:54 am)

After six months of planning, The Almanac staff is proud to present the brand new, redesigned Almanac.

Stories are now packaged in a hyper-local format and organized by neighborhood. School board and municipality/township meeting coverage has been condensed, allowing readers to efficiently glean the information that affects them directly.

Sights & Sounds (arts and entertainment) has a more dynamic, appealing layout, and it segues into the What’s Happening section, which outlines upcoming community events.

And, everything is presented in a fresh, modern look in an easy to read format.

“The Almanac has been delivering quality local news and sports coverage to South Hills residents for decades, and we are committed to continuing that,” said Observer Publishing Company’s director of news, Lucy Northrop Corwin. “The new design presents the news in a modern, reader-friendly format that I believe will be appreciated by our readers.”

The newspaper industry is an evolving entity, and the changes in The Almanac, and online at, reflect that.

As a weekly newspaper, The Almanac recognizes that breaking news in the print product is not likely. But, the new website should be thought of as a daily product – as news happens, the website will be updated.

The website, also organized in the hyper-local format, has a number of added features, including weather, blogs written by local people, lottery results and an interactive crime map to accompany the Police Beat.

The site will also feature extra components to the stories that you read in print, including videos and additional photos that are exclusive to the website. Click “Take a tour of the new site” on the left side of the home page to see the new features.

To make our product better, The Almanac had to look at everything, including free distribution. Circulation has tightened, and Canonsburg and South Fayette will no longer receive free home delivery, but we are offering more free copies on newsstands (see a complete list at and deeply discounted subscriptions.

Coverage of South Fayette news, as well as Canon-McMillan and South Fayette sports, will remain in print and online.

The Almanac has also launched a free mobile e-edition app, available in the iTunes App Store for iOS devices, available here:;mt=8.

It will be available for Android and Kindle platforms in the near future.

The app features a digital version of the print newspaper.

What will not change is The Almanac’s commitment to being your South Hills community newspaper, covering local news and sports.

Be sure to follow The Almanac on Facebook ( and Twitter (@SHillsAlmanac) for the latest on what’s happening in the South Hills.

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